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Curb Appeal Tree Service LLC knows how important an emergency can be, and has 24/7 Emergency Tree Services available. We travel within and out of Northern Mississippi, the Mid-South, Memphis, and surrounding areas. We are equipped to remove big heavy limbs, trees or other debris from houses, cars, or power lines from storm damage and leave your property without sustaining additional damage.

Storms can have a devastating effect on your home and property, especially where your trees are concerned. Storms from tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding can cause limbs or entire trees to fall on your property causing horrific storm damage, and Curb Appeal Tree Services LLC can help!

Our cleanup crews are fast, considerate, and offer free estimates. No need to worry about whether you’ll be able to remove the hundreds of branches and debris all over your landscape. Our experienced crews know how to get your property back to a clean, polished look. No matter how extensive or how minimal the storm damage was, Curb Appeal Tree Service LLC can do the job whether its big or small!

Got Storm-Damaged Trees?

Curb Appeal Tree Service specializes in storm cleanup and tree removal services to help your property recover from storm damage. Our team of highly trained professionals removes debris left behind by storms like fallen trees, a tree trunk, or branches that broke off due to high winds or lightning strikes.

If you have damaged trees, contact us now. We're ready to help with all types of tree removal, storm debris cleanup and lightning damage situations. We serve customers in Northern Mississippi, the Mid-South, Memphis, and the surrounding areas.

What to Do If Lightning Strikes a Tree?

If lightning strikes one of your trees, take the following actions.

● Call your utility company if you have power lines in the tree.
● Turn off all electric switches and appliances that are close to where lightning struck the tree.
● If possible, turn off appliances or lights inside buildings and avoid using phones during stormy weather.
● Keep children and pets away from downed wire until it has been de-energized by a professional.

Can You Save a Lightning-Struck Tree?

Whether or not the tree can be saved depends on how lightning hit the tree. A healthy tree that didn't suffer other damage may survive a lightning strike with no ill effects. However, older or diseased trees are more likely to be severely weakened by a single bolt.

But, even healthy trees can sustain severe injury when hit by lightning. Often, lightning travels from inside one part of the tree to another and through smaller branches without ever actually hitting them. In addition, if sapwood gets wet after being damaged by lightning, it becomes brittle and weakens quickly.

How Can You Tell if Lighting Struck a Tree?

Lightning can cause tree damage in two ways: by damaging the trunk and limbs. If sapwood gets wet after suffering injury from lightning, it becomes brittle and weakens quickly. It pays to know the signs of storm damage. If you are unable to determine the extent of the damage, call us.

A downed or broken branch is an indication that something has happened, since natural causes would not typically lead to this type of damage. Reach out and contact us if you have storm damage.

What Is a Storm Emergency Clean-Up?

A storm emergency cleanup is the process of removing debris generated by a natural disaster, such as fallen trees or branches that have broken off due to high winds. Our tree removal company provides tree service and removal services for storms in Northern Mississippi, Mid-South, Memphis, West Tennessee, North Alabama, and Eastern Arkansas. We're the area's leading tree service company.

We offer:

● Emergency tree removal during a storm event (tree fell on power lines)
● Removal of any downed/broken tree limbs from the property
● Pruning services to remove dead wood from live trees to make the trees safer
● Chopping up services with our wood chipper machine, such as chopping up large logs into firewood-size pieces

When you contact us, let us know the nature of the emergency so we can respond fast.

Why Are Storms so Dangerous?

Storms create all kinds of problems in their wake. They are notorious for bringing down trees, knocking out power, and even causing floods.

We have all of the equipment necessary to clean up any storm-related damage. We offer services such as tree removal, emergency tree service, and pruning deadwood from live trees to make them safer. We'll help you overcome lightning damage fast.

Importance of Having Professionals Clean up Storm Debris

We always prioritize getting the job done as soon as possible to take care of any health risks before they become a bigger problem.

After storms pass through, be sure to keep all fallen trees away from your home or property because they may still hold electrical currents even days after lightning strikes. And remember: power lines are live 24 hours a day, even when there's no precipitation in sight!

Curb Appeal Tree Service is proud to provide emergency storm services, including removing debris after storms! Call us anytime you want more information on our services. We're local experts at dealing with storm damage. We proudly serve the greater Memphis area and northern Mississippi. Together we can take care of the storm's aftermath so you can get back to normal!

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