Exceptional Tree Care in North Mississippi

Proper tree care and maintenance are essential to keeping your trees healthy and looking beautiful. The experienced tree care professionals at Curb Appeal Tree Service can help north Mississippi homeowners and business owners with services such as emergency tree rescue, diagnosing and treating tree diseases and pest infestations, clearing away dead tree branches after a storm, and much more.

What Tree Care Services Are Offered?

Some of the services that are offered by North Mississippi Tree Service include:

  • Pruning
  • Trimming and thinning
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree stump removal and stump grinding
  • Land clearing services and more

Benefits of Hiring a Experienced Tree Care Company 

Our experienced tree service technicians can help you with many aspects of tree care, including:

Advice on What Trees To Plant and Where

We know why some trees cannot grow well in particular areas or why certain trees have died, and can advise you on what trees will work well with your landscape and where you should plant them.

Advice on What Trees to Be Removed

We can help you decide on which trees need to be removed, which can be saved, and which are the highest priority to remove first.

Inspect for Diseases

We know which signs of tree diseases to check for and can recommend the best treatment for a particular disease. We’ll let you know if the tree can be saved, and offer you an effective solution.

Emergency Storm Cleanup That’s Safe and Thorough

Got some tree limbs down after a big storm? Don’t try to handle the cleanup yourself, especially if power lines are also down in your area. At North Mississippi Tree Service, we're experts in storm cleanup. We can get rid of any branches that damage your roof and remove any tree limbs blocking your driveway. You can call us, and we'll send out one of our experienced crews. 

Local North Mississippi Tree Specialists

Being a locally owned and operated tree care company, Curb Appeal Tree Service is committed to providing excellent service and the highest degree of professionalism. We understand the need for professional tree care service and are experienced at tree pruning, cleanup, tree removal, tree trimming, and all things tree. Call us today to schedule service or get a quote.