Crane & Tree Services in East Memphis TN

Keeping your trees healthy is important for beautifying your landscape, boosting air quality, and helping to prevent erosion as well as stormwater overflow. Curb Appeal offers a wide variety of tree services in East Memphis to help your trees stay healthy so they can beautify your landscape.

With a certified arborist on staff, Curb Appeal can not only handle everyday tree maintenance and care, but can also diagnose and help correct problems before they become much worse. Our certified tree service company provides many services to help maintain healthy trees, including fertilizing, tree pruning, tree planting, insect control and diagnosis, and treatment for diseases. We also provide tree removal, stump removal and stump grinding when necessary.

Our complete tree care services also include emergency storm cleanup, as well as lawn care.

Emergency Storm Cleanup That's Safe and Thorough

Working with a tree service company to get your residential or commercial properties cleaned up after a storm doesn’t have to be costly. We know how to safely deal with branches that have damaged your roof or tree limbs that are blocking your driveway. One call, and we’ll be on our way to clear your property of storm debris safely and quickly.

Local East Memphis Tree Experts

As a local and trusted tree service company in Memphis, Curb Appeal Tree Service, LLC understands the issues facing property owners in the Mid-South. We know which trees are the leading cause of trouble after heavy rains and storms and are experienced at tree pruning, removal, maintenance and everything you need to keep your trees healthy and thriving.

Certified Arborist Available

The vast majority of our tree services are performed by our well-trained and experienced staff, who handle everything from pruning and tree removal to emergency cleanup after a major storm. However, we also have a certified arborist on staff who can answer all of your more complicated questions about tree care.

Trained, certified arborists understand the growth requirements and suitable growth conditions of the local tree species, so they can advise you on not only your existing trees but also where to plant new trees in your landscape. That’s important because growing the right trees in the wrong place means you’ll spend years nurturing a tree that may never grow to the desired size and height because the conditions aren’t favorable.

Certified arborists are experts on tree health and know when trees need to be pruned or trimmed, as well as when the damage is so bad that a tree should be removed. Our tree service specialists can also diagnose and treat different tree diseases.

Choose Curb Appeal for the safest and the best quality tree care and storm cleanup services in East Memphis. We also offer crane service, so call us first for any jobs requiring a crane!