Most Reliable Tree Company in Arlington TN? 

Tree services can be required in many situations, such as:

  • Tree branches hanging dangerously close to a roof or power lines.
  • Sickly trees with obvious disease or storm damage.
  • Overgrown trees that need pruning.
  • Awkwardly positioned and bothersome trees.

 In such cases, trimming or complete removal of the tree is necessary. While arborists can provide thorough tree inspections and care to correct the problem, it's important to choose a reputable company with experienced arborists. 

Hiring a Tree Removal Company

As you look for a professional tree removal company, there are many key factors to take into consideration. At the very least, opt for companies that:

  • Have certified and experienced arborists on staff.
  • Are fully bonded and insured. 
  • Have multiple reviews that point to quality work.

Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

Among other issues, you may want to consider tree removal if the tree is located close to your home and is causing mold growth on your siding or moss growth on your roof. Tree removal might be necessary if a tree sustains significant storm damage, has pest infestations, or is diseased.

If you're unsure if tree removal is necessary, tree service companies often offer inspections. Through the information gathered, the company can determine if tree removal is needed or if intervention is possible. 

Emergency tree services are often available and are often needed after violent storms cause sudden damage.

Stump Grinding

At an additional cost, tree removal services can also grind stumps. During stump grinding, a specialized device is placed over the stump and grinds the wood down. It's an effective way to eliminate the unsightly stump that remains after tree removal. 

Benefits of Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning can address branches blocking the newer, lower branches from sunlight. This service is also beneficial if a branch snapped during a storm or is decaying. Opting for this service helps keep the tree growing in an aesthetically pleasing shape and can improve its health. 

As a general rule, opt for tree pruning in the colder winter months or even late fall when the risk for tree disease and pest infestations is lower. However, when you want to prune your tree will depend on the specifics of that plant. For instance, wait until after the tree bloomed and is dormant. Therefore, it's best to wait until later winter or early spring for some trees. 

Keep in mind that you can still have your trees trimmed during the warmer months if necessary; it's pruning a large amount of the tree that needs to wait until later in the year. 

Our company is available to assist if you need any tree services in Arlington, TN, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding. We have certified arborists on staff and can even provide an emergency tree service. 

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