Crane & Tree Services in Collierville TN

Taking care of the trees on your property is an important part of being a homeowner. For instance, ensuring that your trees are pruned, trimmed, and thinned will help your trees remain healthy and beautiful.

Curb Appeal Tree Service, LLC, offers professional tree care services including tree trimming, pruning, and removal services. We also carry out any job that requires cranes. We can clear land, too, and we provide emergency storm cleanup services.

Benefits of Hiring a Company With a Certified Arborist on Staff

Although many tree care companies offer services in the Collierville area, you should only work with companies that have certified arborists. There are many benefits when you work with a company that has a certified arborist on staff. Some of these benefits include:

A certified arborist will enlighten you on the trees that are perfect for your location. This will help you avoid poor tree growth, limited growing space, and tree diseases.
A certified arborist will advise you on when particular trees need to be removed.
Certified arborists will teach you how to treat different tree diseases. They will also teach you what to do to your trees to ensure that they remain in good health.
Certified arborists will show you how to prune your trees. They will tell you the kind of pruning that will improve the appearance and health of your trees.

Whether you need advice on where to plant new trees or are wondering if a particular tree is infested with insects or affected by disease, an arborist can help! We’re pleased to have a certified arborist attend every tree service we offer in Collierville and throughout the Mid-South.

Emergency Storm Cleanup That's Safe and Thorough

Storms and strong winds can damage your trees, leading to cracked tree trunks, broken branches, and uprooted trees. This kind of damage can extend to your property and your home.

If any of this kind of damage happens, don’t try to DIY -- contact us immediately! We will come assess the damage and remove broken branches and damaged tree limbs. We can also help alleviate some of the damage to trees that have broken limbs so they don’t suffer further damage and continue to grow strong. We do all the emergency storm cleanup for you in a way that is safe and effective.

Our family-owned, fully insured tree-care business has the equipment and expertise to serve you, no matter whether the job is big or small. We are locally owned and serve both commercial and residential customers in Collierville, so call today!