Crane & Tree Services in Germantown TN

Our family-owned, fully insured tree-care business is equipped to serve you, no matter the size of the job. We are locally owned and work in both commercial and residential settings.

Germantown Tree Care Services Offered

Tree and Stump Removal

If you have unwanted, unsafe, or unhealthy trees needing removal, our crews have both the knowledge and the tools to help. Tree removal requires specialists and proper training to ensure no damage occurs to the home or any nearby structures during the process.

When a tree is removed, we also recommend removing the stump. One of the benefits of hiring a certified arborist is that he/she can advise you on how to remove your stump. A stump that is not removed could lead to future complications, like fungal diseases, termites, and other pests. In addition to being a tripping hazard, a stump left in the ground will affect your landscape's appearance.

Stump grinding is the process in which the stump is ground into fine pieces, and then the pieces are used along with mulch to fill the hole.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Pruning is an important part of keeping your trees healthy. It also improves the look and value of your home. Pruning trees every 12 to 18 months guides young trees to grow properly, increases airflow and penetration, and removes damaged or decaying branches. Dead or damaged tree branches could break and fall during a storm, causing damage to your property. In addition, overgrown trees could cause problems with phone and power lines.

Emergency Storm Cleanup

Tornadoes and floods can cause horrific damage. We know the devastating effect that Mid-South weather can have, so we offer 24/7 emergency tree services. Our experienced crews are equipped to handle both minimal and extensive damage to get your lawn looking clean again. Our emergency storm cleanup is also safe and thorough.

Debris Hauling and Land Clearing

Our disaster team uses a grapple truck and other necessary equipment to professionally remove branches and trees from homes, cars, commercial buildings, and more. We can even clear homes from renovation projects and demolitions.

Crane Services

We have certified and trained crane operators who are able to efficiently remove trees and debris. A crane is one of the best ways to remove trees and debris because it's faster and has less of an impact to the surrounding areas.

Arborist on Staff

At Curb Appeal Tree Service LLC, we have a certified arborist on staff. Our arborist is trained to advise you on the best trees to plant and where to put them. We can also safely and effectively advise you on how to treat tree diseases and when a tree needs to be removed.

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