Crane & Tree Services in Olive Branch, MS

Trees are one of mother nature’s many gifts to us, playing an essential role in the earth’s ecosystem as well as beautifying your property! Curb Appeal Tree Service is a green industry with a dedicated team of tree care specialists that offers various tree care services in Olive Branch, MS.

We offer preventive care and maintenance, as well as emergency storm cleanup after harsh weather conditions. We can also diagnose a sickly tree, a tree with a pest infestation, or one that winter conditions have compromised. 

Other benefits of working with an experienced tree care company include:

  • We can advise you on the trees that are perfect for your location. This will help you avoid poor tree growth, limited growing space, and tree diseases.
  • Not sure if a tree can be saved or is too damaged? We can advise you on which particular trees need to be removed, and which can be saved with treatment.
  • If your trees need pruning, we can tell you the kind of pruning that will improve the appearance and health of your trees. 

Olive Branch Tree Services Offered

Tree Pruning and Trimming

We remove dangerous trees in order to keep your property safe, but our main objective is to save trees and keep them healthy through pruning. Our team uses the right pruning equipment to ensure businesses and homes have healthy trees that benefit the landscape. Whether you want to prune trees to a particular design or shape, trim out the dead limbs, or enhance visibility throughout the canopy, Curb Appeal can help you achieve your goal.

Tree Removal

We have the right equipment and experience when it comes to safe and efficient tree removal. Our certified arborist can visit your premises to evaluate the trees’ health and give advice on the best action to take. Along with tree removal, we also offer stump removal and grinding. We leave the area as pristine as it was before we removed the stumps. 

Proper Care of Your Trees

Besides maintaining shrub and tree health in Olive Branch, we also maintain their beauty. Our tree experts regularly meet and surpass customers' expectations. Our crew also uses modern technology to get rid of insects and disease problems, and in the process, promote healthy tree growth. 

Emergency Services

Curb Appeal offers comprehensive and safe emergency storm clean-up services to get your property clean and back to normal, and to help keep your trees healthy as they overcome storm damage. 

Let Curb Appeal Tree Services be your partner in ensuring that the trees on your property stay healthy and strong, enhancing your landscape for years to come. Contact us today to take care of your tree needs!